Maintain, don’t gain this Christmas


It’s easy to get carried away throughout the holidays. Whether it comes to spending money or just snacking on treats, the holidays are for indulging. But, according to Barbara Thorne, of Simply for Life, there are ways to “maintain, not gain” this Christmas.

Her first tip is to track your food intake by writing down everything that you eat during the day.

“(People) might say, “Well, I just had two chocolates today,” but they’ve had two chocolates four times that week and didn’t’ realize until they wrote it down,” Thorne said.

She also suggests planning your holiday meals and drinking a glass of water before big dinners to help fill you up.

“If you’re going to take a dish to a party, take something that you know what’s in it,” Thorne said. “It will help you, the host and you’ll have a dish that you know is figure-friendly.”

Another tip for staying healthy this season is to maintain your exercise routine. According to Thorne, running errands isn’t the same as exercising.

“It could be a family activity – skating, sledding, snowshoeing or downhill skiing – anything like that,” she said.

Although it wouldn’t be Christmas without those rum and eggnogs, Throne warns against over indulging with alcohol.

“Alcohol lowers you inhibitions, so you forget about your nutrition plan and binge a little more if you’ve been overindulging,” she said.

Throne suggests drinking a glass of water between every drink to stay on track.

Her final tip is to be weary of the food and drink that are around you.

“If you’re not hungry or you’re not in the mood for certain foods, don’t feel obligated to eat it,” she said. “It’s about making mindful choices.”

For more information on Simply for Life or to check out some healthy holiday recipes, check out the Simply for Life – Airdrie, Alberta Facebook page.


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