More of the same in Airdrie


Dear Editor,

My wife and I have been residents for nearing seven years now and have seen some substantial growth in these years.

We have seen our council stumble with indecisiveness and lack of communication with the masses in terms of infrastructure and overall growth planning. Now with the election over, we are basically back with the same council members and mayor that has fostered the lack of true progress.

How soon we forget Mayor Brown at one time opted to take a shot at a provincial seat and temporarily putting his obligations to Airdrie on the backseat to his aspirations.

Time to move back to Calgary? To say we are frustrated may be an understatement.

People want a new recreational facility, however, as a member of Genesis Place Recreation Centre – who uses the place daily – I see an underutilized massive facility. Where we go to the next facility is going to be interesting with the same old crowd as our leaders and councillors.

Bill Rousseau



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