Mr. Brexit goes to Washington: thoughts on 2016 election


Trump’s victory is not surprising to some of us. The self-governing citizens of the United States have decided they have had enough of their elite, globalist, one-world leadership and have thrown them out. I think it’s safe enough to say, from now on, there are going to be some radical changes in the relationship between the American people and mainstream media (MSM).

There is euphoria across the country from ordinary citizens who have felt, for a long time, they were being ignored by their government and the MSM and their voices were finally heard.

Perhaps, most of all, the Trump landslide is formal proof that most Americans strongly dislike the tired, embittered relics of old, prune-faced feminism and the dull repetitive parrots of the so-called “civil rights” movement. Indeed, this is the clearest correctness in America. For quite a while, the United States has been run by those who think they are above the law, that the Constitution can be ignored and progressive Liberals are smarter than most citizens of the country.

What ought we to hope of President-elect Trump? Actually, it is quite simple: President-elect Trump ought to do what he promised to do. He must appoint Supreme Court justices and investigate fully the insidious machinations of corrupt federal agencies that have been used to defend guilt leftist and harassed innocent conservatives. Those two actions are vitally important to the survival of the American political system. In terms of national policy, Trump ought to unleash the vast energy reserves of the nation, create jobs and prosperity. He ought to enact immigration reform guided by national self-interest first and rebuild the military, using it wisely.

The vistas are vast and Trump has a chance to do precisely what his campaign slogan professes as its goal – Make America Great Again.

Now is the time when newer Trump, Bernie and Hillary supporters, and in fact everyone, have to come together for the sake of the United States, and pray the President-elect governs with wisdom and each person decides to do what is best for the country.

America is embarking on a new path forward. I am excited for the change and will continue to pray for her. God bless America.

steve taylor,



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