NDP has dangerous viewpoints


Canadian governments should not have extremist attitudes. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is running an extremist government. They are dangerous with their views.

No economy means no jobs and no jobs means poverty. They can’t kill the largest economy-generating sector in Canada and think everything will pan out and now we can breathe fresh air and reduce our carbon footprint. Ask anyone right now that’s unemployed and has mortgage payments, food needs, a family, car payments and collection agencies calling at every hour whether they care that the air is clean and that they reduced their carbon footprint. Let me know how that goes.

Everyone who believes Notley is doing the right thing obviously does not understand economics or they are employed and happy. The teachings will be swift when they see a 300 per cent increase in their electric bill once Notley kills half the power generating plants. If anyone has trouble believing this they should have a chat with anyone from Ontario who heats their homes with electricity.

Please understand, I do believe we are polluting and not just carbon polluting. What we need is someone who first believes in our growth and prosperity first then start working on reduction of pollution next.

Even possibly “phasing out oilsands” that Trudeau has so carelessly threw to his fans. History has shown that unfed, cold and psychologically beaten people only revolt and are not productive. Picking our pockets is not the answer. Jobs first, programs for phasing out oil next.

Where is the ethanol at the pump as a choice? Where are cheap solar panels and fairly priced electric cars? Why aren’t heat pumps mandatory on homes? Where are the rebates if you want to replace an aging furnace with a new high efficiency one? These are valid questions I would like answered first before they pick everyone’s pocket of $9.6 billion and run a deficit that is the largest ever.

One last thing: those that think the government is going to subsidize and rebate some of the money they put into this may want to think again. If they were employed last year and made over $47,000 per person or $96,000 as a couple, they get nothing. The rebate is based on their income tax last year, so if you are unemployed now, you get zero dollars and zero cents.

Kevin Tennant



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