NRVCL offering Emotion Coaching for parents


North Rocky View Community Links (NRVCL) is offering Emotion Coaching for parents in Airdrie and the surrounding area.

The session will kick off Jan. 30 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the NRVCL building on Main Street and will run for three consecutive weeks.

“Emotion Coaching is a parenting style that was created by John Gottman – he’s a gentleman in the States – and it just breaks down their idea of connecting with kids and supporting them through their challenges during the day,” said Tannis Smith, parent coach with NRVCL.

Emotion Coaching is offered through NRVCL twice a year, she said, adding it’s suggested for parents with kids ages two to 10.

“It’s kind of a parenting style that you can continue through younger kids, through their teen years,” she said.

Attendees will watch clips based on the Gottman Institute’s Emotion Coaching series and discuss parenting challenges with each other.

“Parents are often looking for certain ideas around certain behaviours or challenges, so there’s lots of great group discussion and learning how some other parents manage their children and exploring different strategies,” she said.

Those interested in attending the session are asked to call NRVCL at 403-945-3900 to register. The event is free to attend.

“I truly believe that parenting isn’t always easy and it’s always helpful to have additional tools kind of tucked into your belt,” Smith said. “I think the biggest thing as a parent is that it should be fun and to remember that connecting with kids is joyful.”

Emotion Coaching also helps parents teach children how to deal with their emotions and regulate them, she said.

“Generally, with big emotion comes big behaviour sometimes, so it’s around helping them to figure out how to deal with that big behaviour on their own and support them through it,” she said.

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