New Horizon mall opening in May


After months of construction, New Horizon Mall in East Balzac is finally nearing completion – and starting May 1, the $200-million multicultural shopping destination will be open to the public.

“This mall is unlike other malls,” said Eli Swirsky, president of Torgan Group – one of the developers of New Horizon Mall. “The stores are actually owned by individual shop owners. And on May 1, we will begin the process of turning these stores over to their owners by giving them the keys.”

Swirsky estimated the process will likely take two to three weeks, as there are 500 different shops inside the new mall. While many of the stores won’t be open right away, Swirsky said visiting the facility now will give potential entrepreneurs a chance to see what New Horizon Mall will offer.

“Especially for those people who are interested in opening a small business or having a store there,” he said. “You can go and see the mall, see if there is a place suitable for your business. People can walk around and get a feel for what the experience at this mall will be like.”

According to Swirsky, the facility provides an uncommon opportunity for small-business owners, who often don’t have the resources to open shops inside a mall – usually, he said, malls are designed for larger chain stores. However, New Horizon Mall will operate in a much different way.

“When you go to a typical mall, it’s the same stores and the same chains, just in different surroundings,” he said. “This is similar to an outside marketplace, with a lot of variety and small stores, but in a beautiful modern setting – with parking, a stage for performances and plenty of public, community-based events.”

The mall will eventually be home to an expansive food court with 26 restaurants and a large family-entertainment centre, along with a wide variety of shopping opportunities. According to Swirsky, because the mall is not controlled by one owner or landlord, each owner can choose what kind of merchandise they want to sell.

“Every time you go, you’ll be able to find different offerings – you never know what you’ll see there,” he said. “It will make for a very nice, unique experience for shoppers and their families.”

While Swirsky said he encourages everyone to visit the new facility once the doors open May 1, an official public opening will be hosted during the summer – when the shelves will be stocked and all 500 shop owners will be ready to do business.

“Day by day, there will be more and more stores opening,” Swirsky said. “It’s hard to know when it will be fully open to the public, but there is plenty of time for people to come to the mall now and get comfortable and acquainted with this new, modern space.”


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