Nose Creek Park renovations now complete


A $2.47 million renovation of Nose Creek Park is largely complete, according to Chris Reason, City of Airdrie corporate properties project manager.

“It’s just about finished. They have some completion items and, of course, some deficiency items, but the majority of (it) is finished,” Reason said.

Work on the park began in May 2016. The current renovation is the largest overhaul of the popular public facility since Nose Creek Park opened in September 1994. It included the construction of a new shelter and washrooms, relocation of the stage and expansion to a covered amphitheatre, as well as a new boardwalk around the pond and substantial landscaping.

Considerable consultation with the public and user groups was conducted before the final design was decided upon, including a number of open houses.

After asking what residents would like to see in the park redesign, three concept drawings were presented to the public, user groups and internal parks staff with the final design presented to council in December 2015.

The first community event held in the newly-improved park was the Time Traveller’s Airdrie Summer Classic Car Show Aug. 12.

“The band was playing on the stage and everyone was happy,” Reason said. “The park looked great. The co-ordinators of the car show were very happy with the performance of the stage and the functionality – it was really good.”

The project came in on budget, according to Reason. NORR Architects from Calgary developed the project design and Clark Builders did the work.

Reason said one component of the work still needs to be completed – installation of a Plexiglas roof over the pergola area in front of the new concession.

“We decided we want to fully close that in with a roof. It’s going to have some…clear plexi panels so it will look nice, but it will give a little bit more enclosure so rain doesn’t affect peoples’ visit to the park,” he said.

Work to install the Plexiglas panels began the week of Aug. 14.

Reason said some constraints of the old park remain in place.

“Don’t swim in the pond,” he said. “It’s still not a safe place to swim. Don’t swim in the creeks, don’t swim in the pond, don’t swim in the retention ponds or anything like that – it’s still the same thing, it’s just prettier now.”

Reason said he was very pleased with how the renovation turned out.

“I love it. I think it’s a great looking design. NORR Architects and Clark Builders came together with their A team and put it together very nicely for us,” he said.


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