Off to feed my creative soul


Having the chance to do something creative is important to human existence. It can open our minds and free our inhibitions. Even the most straight-laced, tightly wound, Type A personalities can benefit from a chance to throw out the rulebook every once in a while.

Or you can be like me and fully incorporate being creative into your daily life. Doing that means when it’s time to go nuts, you go big.

In my case, that means leaving the hubby at home and hopping on a cruise ship bound for the Caribbean with a group of my quilting friends for ten days in the sun and a chance to learn some new techniques from modern quilting royalty, Angela Walters.

By the time you read this, I’ll be soaking up the sun in Aruba. I have impeccable timing if the meteorologists are to be believed and snowpocalypse is indeed on its way. There will be snorkeling and beach time and likely a cold beverage or two.

But mostly there will be a chance to forget about things like figuring out what to make for dinner or whether the dog needs her medication, and lots of time for playing with fabric and thread and texture.

I have always loved being able to take something like a piece of colourful fabric and turn it into something. The ability to spend hours picking out fabrics is something all quilters have in common. We have our favourites – ironically, mine is a solid fabric called Kona Snow.

There’s something about the community of people who quilt that is very good for the soul. I just spent a Saturday quilting with some totally crazy women in Airdrie. Sometimes the conversation was actually about quilting but most of the time it was hilarious and often scandalous. This isn’t your grandmother’s quilting group, for sure.

My job often has me writing about fairly unpleasant things and so, for me, being creative is an escape from those realities. It’s also a chance to forget about all the rules that surround my job and letting my mind wander. There’s no getting the facts right when I’m stitching a quilt together or spinning some yarn or knitting up a scarf. Mistakes are creative decisions, not worthy of a written correction.

So I’m going to go off on my cruise, regenerate my body with some rest and allow my mind to find its creative happy place. And I’m not planning to pen one single, solitary word.


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