Parents have the right to know if child joins GSA


Dear Editor,

While I am generally conservative in my outlook on life I do not specifically support any one conservative party or candidate on either the provincial or federal level. That being said, I do support Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party in its stand parental rights trump LBGTQ rights.

I do not agree with homosexuality. Notice I did not say “take away their right to vote, own property, be gainfully employed, etcetera.” If the gay community does not want me shoving my religion down their throat, why do I not have the same right to say I don’t want to hear anything about their lifestyle? For many centuries when Christianity was the dominant thought system in the west, it was a crime to be gay. As the church lost influence in the last 50 years, we went from there to tolerance and now acceptance of what was once thought to be immoral behaviour.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” was the ultimate compromise between both sides because it made the question of one’s sexual orientation a non-issue. However, now that the government of Alberta has a bill in process of being passed requiring all publicly-funded schools to sponsor gay/straight alliance groups, this is proof the gay activists are going too far as the new law states the members of these groups do not have to inform their parents.

The home is the basic building block of society. Every home, be it Christian or not, is worthy of respect and support. And children learn to be good citizens by learning to obey their parents first. Make the home unstable and there is no hope for the next generation.

Les Miller

Old Town


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