Petrow hoping for seat on city council


As a long-time volunteer in the community, Tina Petrow said she would bring her knowledge of Airdrie and the needs of young families to the role if elected to city council.

“I decided to run because I’ve spent a long time volunteering around the city and I’ve been able to see the needs that organizations and families have, but it’s been frustrating to not have a big enough voice to help them out,” she said. “I’m hoping that being on council would give me a platform to carry those voices to the city level.

“As the mother of two and being a young family, I feel that I can represent a very large portion of our population that are currently not being fully represented and help to bring their thoughts and needs to the city level as well.”

Petrow has volunteered with a diverse group of Airdrie organizations, including the Airdrie Food Bank, Boys and Girls Club of Airdrie, Airdrie Public Library, Airdrie Health Foundation, Nose Creek Players, Creative Airdrie Society and Airdrie Pro Rodeo. She has also served as a member of the board for the Airdrie Festival of Lights Society.

“Rocky View Schools was a big one,” she said. “I got to volunteer in the schools for two full years and I got to work with a lot of the kids there. I also volunteered with the last MLA election on a campaign. I got to know quite a bit about the political world – how it all works – and really got the political bug during all that.”

Through her volunteer and committee work, Petrow said she’s gotten to know numerous Airdrie residents and city staff. She has a background in business management.

“I have a background in efficiency control, productivity analysis and I have a lot of experience with mediations – mediations between government agencies, committees, businesses, individuals – which I feel would be an asset when we’re advocating for funding for the city or just trying to move meetings along and keep them on topic,” she said.

Petrow said she isn’t running on a platform of two or three things, preferring to focus on helping to create a more well-rounded community.

“My main (focus) is creating a more healthy community and that comes by putting Airdrie families first,” she said. “I’d work with municipal partners to create projects like the west side recreation facility, as well as looking at our policy towards existing facilities, ensuring Airdrie families have access to recreational programs first.”

Petrow said she would also like to work with community partners to try to build more family education services in areas such as healthy eating, physical fitness and budgeting.

She said she’d also like to help the city “grow up.”

“The city has grown far past what we currently have accessibility for, just population wise, so we need to assess our needs now for the next 10 years – create a financially responsible plan to create more multi-use buildings,” she said.

“Instead of just focusing on skating rinks or a pool or a library, we need to be able to integrate those and create multi-use facilities, working hand-in-hand with all the departments at the city…to move these plans forward.”

One of those multi-use facilities could be a joint library/museum/art gallery facility, according to Petrow.

Petrow has launched a campaign website at and can be reached by email at


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