RVS releases annual education results report


Students attending Rocky View Schools (RVS) continue to do well in a number of measurable areas, according RVS Superintendent of Schools Greg Luterbach.

The RVS Board of Trustees reviewed the results of the division’s annual Education Results Report for 2016-17 at its Dec. 7 regular meeting.

“We are making progress (in the) work we’re doing about foundational skills around literacy and numeracy. Our satisfaction levels are higher around people and their perception – believing students are demonstrating reading, writing and numeracy skills,” Luterback said.

“We’ve done a lot of work around instructional design – how a teacher might organize their teaching to be able to engage students, to be able to support students and to, ultimately, make students sucessful.”

The annual report is a requirement of Alberta Education. According to Luterback, each year the division looks at how well it is doing in each of the areas outlined in its current four-year plan and utilizes a number of different methods to collect data.

The three main goals outlined in RVS’ four-year plan are: learners are successful, learners are engaged and learners are supported. Luterbach said teachers in the division are encouraged to come up with new ways of teaching students to ensure these goals are met.

“We’ve certainly seen an increase in the number of teachers who understand the use of inquiry- or project-based learning to be able to improve student learning,” he said.

While students who self-identify as First Nation, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) in RVS do very well against their FNMI peers across the province, Luterbach said they aren’t doing as well as their non-FNMI peers within the division.

“One of the provincial goals for Alberta Education’s business plan is about closing the gap between how FNMI students are doing versus their non-FNMI peers,” he said. “While our FNMI students are doing great compared to their peers around the province, there’s still a gap. We need to implement strategies that work to reduce that gap.”

Luterbach said the report is a good way for the division to monitor how it is doing compared to the four-year plan and compared to other divisions.

“Overall, when we compare this year to last year, our averages (had) no massive swings one way or the other. There’s always room for improvement, always work we can continue to do and look at,” Luterbach said.

“As a system, we look at these (results) – where are the trends? Where do we need to either add additional support or do we need to bring attention to (it)? (These) are data that helps drive us where we are going.”

The full report is available on the RVS website at rockyview.ab.ca, selecting the “Publications” tab and then the “Annual Education Results Reports” option.


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