Random act of kindness appreciated


I would like to send a big thanks to Lindros from our Airdrie Save-On-Foods Store.

Just to be clear, I have no business with the grocery stores or food industry – I work in the education field as a teacher in a school in Calgary.

On Nov. 20, I went to Save-On-Foods to get my daughter a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The Charlie Brown Christmas tree is made up of a little tree branch with only one piece of decoration, but the real meaning of it is to just celebrate Christmas, without spending a lot of money or making Christmas about commercialization.

The store was sold out of those little trees, so I asked the employees when they were getting more. They did not know exactly, but Lindros asked me for my phone number and name and said as soon as they received more he would call me.

To my surprise I got a call from Lindros later that day. I thought they had received more trees but what was about to unfold in front of my eyes was a genuine random act of kindness.

Lindros told me that he had a tree for me, but not from Save-On-Foods – he had gone out of his way to buy me a Charlie Brown Christmas tree just to make us happy.

He told me he went to another store and saw the tree I was looking for, so he bought it with his own money, wrapped it up in Christmas paper and called me to go to the store to get it.

Lindros not only did that, he asked me if I would prefer to have him drop off the tree at my house, to which I said yes.

So Lindros drove to our house and gave us the tree, wrapped up in a beautiful Christmas paper. I was so happy.

I would like to thank him for his act of kindness and let him know that my family is very happy with our new tree.

Thank you Lindros – you not only made our day, as you encouraged us to continue with the act of kindness ripple effect.

Claudia Sasse



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