Remembrance Day not a time to discuss politics


Dear Editor,

Like many Airdronians, I attended this year’s Remembrance Day Ceremony at Genesis Place Recreation Centre to pay respect to Canada’s veterans and honour the service they gave to their country. I was absolutely shocked, however, at this year’s Remembrance Day address. While it started with several highlights of important events in our military history, it descended into something else entirely. The speaker saw fit to use this solemn occasion to stand on his bully pulpit and espouse his personal political beliefs, delivering jabs to the government in the areas of refugee security screening and offering a critique of limited police powers. This was completely inappropriate and highly disrespectful – Remembrance Day is not a time for politics and rhetoric – it is a time to show respect and remember the sacrifices made by many Canadians, without whose service we would not live in the free society we enjoy today. I honestly considered walking out when the speaker was making these comments, but ultimately decided to stay – one man’s disrespectful conduct shouldn’t tarnish the purpose of this important event. Besides, unlike some individuals, I was there to remember.

Daniel Nelles



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