Richards in the right


RE: “Appalling behaviour,” letter, Dec. 7.

Dear Editor,

Please let me share my opinion on behaviour of our MP Blake Richards in Parliament. After reading a few articles in local newspapers, I have to ask what kind of citizens are we? I am surprised, that we are not questioning our super rich Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Why he can’t answer simple questions, about sales of the shares in his company? Why are we not upset that our Finance Minister is using his position to profit and enrich himself and his family? Why he is investigated and fined by ethics commissioner for unethical behavior, and why he didn’t remember he has a villa in France?

In my opinion, it’s not MP Blake Richards who should be escorted from our Parliament, but our slimy, sleazy, lying, super rich Finance Minister Bill Morneau. It is a shame that we are not upset with that.

Can we blame Richards for his behaviour? I am not sure, I guess one can listen to B.S. answers only so long.

It is a shame what is going on in our Parliament. Starting with our globetrotting selfie king Prime Minister and his Liberal gang and ending with Speaker of the House who is not demanding questions to be answered – you don’t have to wonder, he is one of the gang members as well. Citizens should remember this in the next elections.

Richards has my full support and I thank him for standing up for me a regular Canadian taxpayer. And Bill Monreau should resign.

Daniel Stunda



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