Right move


The path to “uniting the right” in Alberta entered its next phase May 18.

Progressive Conservative (PC) leader Jason Kenney and Wildrose leader Brian Jean came together to sign an agreement in principal (AIP) detailing the path towards a United Conservative Party (see story on page 1).

The next step will involve the people.

In the next 60 days, each party will hold a membership vote to decide whether or not to ratify the AIP and form a new United Conservative Party.

Public engagement is the right move for the right.

When nine Wildrose MLA’s crossed the floor to the join the PC’s in December 2014, Albertans were rightfully upset.

Much of the emotion, however, stemmed from the suddenness of the situation.

There may have been, as former Wildrose leader Danielle Smith stated, similar values between the Wildrose and the PC party under Jim Prentice. There was also, however, a lack of consultation with the constituents who voted for a Wildrose representative, not PC.

For the United Conservative Party to fly, Wildrose membership would require 75 per cent approval while PC would require 50 per cent plus one.

Giving this decision to “unite the right” over to conservative-minded Albertans on both sides of the equation is the right move.


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