Road rage


The new four-way stop at the intersection of Highway 566 and Eighth Street was a welcome surprise. ‘Surprise’ being the operative word here, as there was no warning or signage in place before the stop signs were erected Jan. 24. This, of course, caused all kinds of upset and potential collisions as driver, unaware of the new stops, blew through the intersection as they had prior to Jan. 24. See story on page 1.

We aren’t debating the need for the four-way stop – the frustration of waiting to turn from Eighth Street onto Highway 566 is blood boiling. But we’re wondering if the new stops are enough.

We have been reporting for years the need for upgrades to Highway 566, from the Highway 2 overpass to Eighth Street. We’d even suggest the intersection at Range Road 13 is a building traffic disaster as Calgarians in the new Livingston development and Airdronians from the west side of the city use the intersection regularly.

With East Balzac growing as it is – the New Horizon Mall, with its 500-plus retailers, is scheduled to open in the spring – the traffic headaches will only increase as congestion over the inadequate Highway 2 overpass reaches critical levels.

A plan to address this appears to be in the works but we’re told there is just no money to fund it. However, CrossIron Mills mall opened way back in 2009, so you would think someone could have predicted this being an issue and done something about it by now.

You may also ask yourself why another mall has gone in without something in the works to address the traffic issues?

Perhaps we need to complain louder? Maybe then something will finally be done.


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