Roll to the Hole comes to a close


After 13 years of dumping golf balls out of cement trucks, the Roll to the Hole fundraiser has come to an end.

“We felt it had run its course,” said Bernie Moen, Community Link’s counseling services manager. “We had 13 good years and we managed to sell it out every year, but felt that it’s probably time to let it go.”

The fundraiser that brought in more than $130,000 in support for Community Links got its’ start while Moen was relaxing in a hammock.

“I dreamt this up out at the lake, laying in my hammock one day and thought about maybe dumping some golf balls in a cement truck, wondering if it would work,” he said.

Moen and the team at Airdrie Family Services, now known as Community Links, approached Burnco about the idea.

“When we got there, the actual truck driver had gone for doughnuts and coffee – they thought we were joking when we called to say we were going to come and dump some golf balls in their cement truck,” Moen said with a laugh.

Moen said the next idea for a fundraiser has some big shoes to fill but added, “It’s time for Role to the Hole to be put to bed.”

On behalf of Community Links, Moen thanked the major sponsors: WestMark Holdings, now called Coopers Crossing Joint Venture, McKee Homes and The Co-operators Insurance, along with all the volunteers and staff that helped make the event possible.

“We’d just like to thank the community for supporting the Roll to the Hole event for all of these years because we couldn’t do it without the community behind us,” Moen said.

The event was held each summer in Airdrie but Moen laughed remembering the weather.

“Anybody that came to our event knew that whenever we were planning the Role to the Hole, it was guaranteed it would rain,” he said.

For now, Moen said he hopes to think up something just as great that the community will enjoy for just as long.

“So I’ll be heading back to the hammock this summer,” he said.


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