Services cost money


We think it’s safe to say we’ve all had enough of this winter. According to Environment Canada’s Calgary International Airport weather station, in February, the area received 43.3 centimeters (cm) of snow. Last February, that number was 35.8 – and in the last six years, the average has been 17.4 cm. So, you might want to give City staff a little bit of a break when you complain about the mounds of snow.

We know it’s annoying and it can make getting around a challenge, but the City appears to be doing the best it can with the funding available.

Unless residents are willing to pay more, which we doubt many are, this is the service we are going to get.

All too often, we cry foul when things get a little uncomfortable, like when the city received a dump of 20 cm of snow last weekend. We are quick to point fingers at our public officials and demand they do more. However, when they tell us the money isn’t there and we, as taxpayers, have to dig a little deeper if we really do want these things improved – well, then we start singing a different tune.

If sidewalks and transit shelters aren’t getting the attention you think is necessary, we encourage you to be a good neighbour and pick up a shovel yourself. Better yet, put out a call to your community and make it a spirit-building event.

Winter has to end eventually. Until then, take a deep breath and cut everyone some slack.


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