Sign of what’s to come?


Pets are not property. I mean, legally they are, but they aren’t meant to be treated like a piece of property (unless you’re in the middle of a divorce or something).

A pet isn’t like a piece of clothing you buy because it’s in style but throw it out as soon as something else comes in. A pet is a family member that should only be removed from the family when its time comes to cross the rainbow bridge.

I have a friend who had three dogs and three cats but gave up two dogs and two cats a few months ago when she split with her boyfriend (who she was living with at the time) because she said she couldn’t risk potential vet bills piling in. I personally don’t agree with that decision but I also know what it’s like to be struggling financially, so I kept my opinion to myself.

Well, just recently, she excitedly sent me a photo of a new cat she adopted. I was appalled. How could anyone easily send an animal away from its home to only turn around and adopt another one a few months later?

I have two cats myself, Bonnie and Clyde, and the thought of giving them up never, ever crosses my mind. Just thinking about the fact that they will die one day is almost unbearable.

I will admit I am a bit of a crazy cat lady and my friends do joke about how much I love and obsess over my cats. But regardless of how much an owner loves their pet, it should never be treated as a piece of disposable property.

I see advertisements on buy and sell sites on social media all the time from people giving up their cat or dog, often one they recently adopted but have decided they don’t have time for them anymore.

Don’t people do their research and look into what kind of animal they’re getting and what kind of maintenance they require? I know I did for Bonnie and Clyde. I looked into what it would cost me to feed them and supply their litter, and I called my local veterinarian office to find out the cost for annual vaccinations. Owning a pet comes with responsibilties and for most owners, it’s for life.


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