Splitting Up


A recommendation by the Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission, moving some Airdrie residents to a riding along with Cochrane, means some Airdronians could find themselves on the opposite side of the fence when the next provincial election is held (see story on page one).

While we understand the tenant of representation by population is important to democracy, splitting our city in two and adding some residents to a riding with Cochrane seems a curious choice.

The benefits gained by having two Airdrie ridings would seem, to us, to be minor given the interests of the entire town of Cochrane could supersede those of the relatively few Airdronians in the new Airdrie-Cochrane riding.

Dividing Airdrie into two ridings is likely necessary because we simply have too large a population to maintain a single riding; however, could the commission not have come up with a more egalitarian way of making that division?

Thankfully, the decision has yet to be made and concerned Airdronians can still have their voices heard.

We urge anyone who feels strongely about this issue to participate in the public hearing July 17 in Calgary or provide their feedback online by July 8 at abebc.ca

Ultimately, how much represenation residents feel they have in decisions impacting their future could be at stake.


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