Stepping up to parent


Not many grandparents would step up to raise their grandchildren when their own children are incapable of raising them on their own.

But according to the latest 2016 national census, the number of children being raised by their grandparents is on the rise in Canada.

The census showed 32,505 children were being raised by their grandparents in households across Canada, which is up from 30,005 in 2011. That’s quite a few.

Local grandparents Louise Hutchison and Dave Sharp are raising their three young granddaughters and have been since 2014 when their daughter was arrested for impaired driving.

Hutchison said there isn’t much support for grandparents raising their grandchildren and she sometimes feels isolated in dealing with her situation. She said she would like the federal government to provide more support for grandparents raising their grandkids – and we agree.

Not all parents are responsible and, obviously, in situations such as Hutchison’s, it’s better for children to be raised by those who are. If kids with unfit parents have the option to be raised by their own grandparents rather than being in foster care, why not support that?


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