Teachers support Inn from the Cold


It almost becomes a ritual every time we step outside in the winter – first the hat, then the coat, next is the boots and finally the gloves and you’re ready to go.

Warm clothing is something society takes for granted said Andrea McLeod, president of the Alberta Teachers Association (ATA) Local #35. With that thought in mind, McLeod created project warm up for Rocky View Schools (RVS) teachers.

“We ran a three week campaign asking Rocky View teachers to donate new items, so gloves, scarves and socks,” she said.

Once all the warm clothing items were collected from the more than 1,200 teachers, the items were then donated Dec. 13, 2017 to Inn from the Cold – a Calgary based charity that offers “shelter, sanctuary and healing to assist homeless children and their families achieve independence,” as stated on its website.

“We got over a thousand items. So we have scarves, gloves, hats, we had socks – some of them were even handmade which was really cool,” McLeod said.

McLeod said she believes it’s important for everyone to give back, especially around the holidays.

“As teachers, we realize that not all of our students are in that situation where they have all of those (warm clothing) items and so we thought it was important to help out,” she said.

She said teachers from across RVS provided warm clothing items in a variety of sizes for those in need.

“This helps families, which would include kids, so we had stuff all the way from baby sizes to adult sizes,” she said.

Rocky View ATA #35 includes 44 schools with more than 24,000 students.

For more information on Inn from the Cold, visit innfromthecold.org


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