Torchlight Theatre presents The Christmas Tree


Torchlight Theatre is bringing something new to the stage Dec. 7 to 9 when it presents The Christmas Tree by Norm Foster, one of Canada’s most produced playwrights.

“It’s just a really funny Canadian Christmas play. It’s this simple story about a man and a woman who end up at a Christmas tree lot and there’s one tree left and who’s going to come out the victor?” said Chelsea Restall, artistic director and founder of Torchlight Theatre.

“It’s just what happens when you meet people that you don’t know and you actually engage with them. It’s funny and it’s lighthearted and it’s just like a perfect thing for Christmas time so we’re really excited about that.”

The show will hit the stage at Airdrie Victory Church at 7 p.m. Dec. 7 to 9 and tickets are $22 or $18 for seniors and children. There will also be a matinee performance at 2 p.m. Dec. 9. Tickets for the matinee are $18 or $12 for seniors and children.

A date night package is also available through State and Main for $75, which includes two tickets to the show, two entrees, an appetizer and dessert, according to Restall.

“Come support local art. I think Airdrie has this great budding culture of art and I think that the opportunities are here for people to really just engage in that culture and engage in that art and help Airdrie find its identity and not always be in the shadow of the bigger cities,” she said.

The production is slightly shorter than a standard two-hour play and Restall said the style of show is different than what’s been done before in Airdrie.

“We have a lot of amazing big artists that come into Bert Church Theatre – Torchlight itself has done some bigger productions like Scrooge last year – but the way that this play is being done, I don’t think it’s ever been done in Airdrie before,” she said. “It’ll definitely be an experience for those who are just familiar with what Airdrie has to offer. It’ll be something different.”

Torchlight Theatre was created in June 2015 and produces four to six shows a year. It also offers a SPARK Youth Program for young actors between the ages 11 and 17.

“The desire at Torchlight Theatre is just to bring really top quality theatrical entertainment into the city of Airdrie. A lot of people in Airdrie commute but when it comes to seeing theatre, sometimes it’s really challenging for them,” Restall said. “You can stay right here in the city and you’re still going to get the same quality of entertainment that you would in Calgary.”

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