Transportation key for mayoral candidate


Blaine Astra said if he is elected mayor in the October municipal election, he’d focus on solving Airdrie’s transportation woes, especially those on the corridor between Airdrie and Calgary.

“The corridor between Calgary and Airdrie really needs changing. In 10 years it’s going to be extremely obsolete. It’s going to – and it already has – created quite a few of the (transportation) issues,” he said.

While Astra said he understands the Highway 2 corridor between the two cities is the responsibility of the province, he believes that’s something he could change.

“It’s a little bit difficult and takes a lot of steps – and I know the steps – but it takes a little more than the mayor, say at the PC (Progressive Conservative) level, and I know a few people who could be involved,” he said.

Astra works as a transportation safety instructor and feels he could bring that skill set to help mediate some of the traffic congestion issues around the city.

“I really, really, really would love to join the east to the west because I know a lot of people in the east are uncomfortable going to the west and a lot of people in the west don’t like going to the east side because of the traffic flow,” he said.

Astra said he’d like to use his time on city council to propel him to other levels of government.

“This isn’t my last step in politics; this is my first step in politics,” he said. “I really am going to keep moving forward.”

While Astra has no previous experience in municipal governance, he said he feels he has the skills needed to get the job done. He has lived in Airdrie for 15 years.


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