UCP not such a great idea


We’re not sure we think the newly formed United Conservative Party (UCP) is such a great idea. Politicians keep raving about how great it is that Albertans came together and this party will supposedly change Alberta for the better, but will it really?

Talk of a merger between the Progressive Conservative (PC) and Wildrose parties began in early 2017 and party members voted 95 per cent in favour of the merger July 22. Members of the UCP will vote for a new leader Oct. 28.

But this party provides Albertans with less options. PC supporters might not agree with Wildrose beliefs and policies, and Wildrose supporters might feel the same about the PCs. If a PC supporter doesn’t want to vote Wildrose, they might just find another party to vote for altogether.

The Wildrose party was very critical of the PCs when they were in power – how can a party preach its values to its supporters, using its rival as an example of what not to do, and then turn around and join their team?

Obviously, there is still a lot to work out, but we hope those who voted in favour of this merger knew what they were doing. There was nothing wrong with having two conservative parties in Alberta to choose from. A little competition is healthy for democracy.


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