Upward trend?


Well Airdrie, we’ve got a new council – sort of. Two new faces, Al Jones and Tina Petrow, will join incumbents Ron Chapman, Kelly Hegg, Darrell Belyk and Candice Kolson, along with incumbent mayor Peter Brown.

We’ve already received complaints about the election results but have only to look to voter turnout to suggest a large portion of Airdronians have no right to complain.

True, voter turnout this election was up from 2013’s dismal 17 per cent – and that’s great news – but at just 24.15 per cent, it’s still not overly impressive.

Calgary had a massive jump in voter turnout this go around with 58.1 per cent of eligible voters casting their ballot, up from 39.43 in 2013.

Chestermere had approximately 34 per cent of voters mark their X, while Crossfield saw a voter turnout of about 47 per cent.

It’s only fair to note Calgary had some very hot-button issues at stake, Chestermere was voting on an entirely new council and Crossfield was selecting a new mayor, but Airdrie has challenges of its own. We hear calls all the time for a new recreation facility, for better access to emergency care, infrastructure to reduce some major traffic headaches and the list goes on.

From the campaign style we saw on display this election (see story on page 4), we thought more Airdronians had a horse in this race. However, only 10,976 of the 45,444 eligible voters took the time to back their candidate. The rest of you will just have to consider if that 24.15 per cent speaks for you.


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