Viral idiots


It goes without saying, there is some stupid stuff on the Internet. But the latest viral trend, the Tide Pod Challenge, is not only moronic but could be deadly.

Global News reports, “At least 10 deaths have been linked to eating the pods: two were toddlers and eight were seniors suffering from dementia.”

The challenge – or as we’ve been calling it, Darwinism at its best – is simply people posting clips of themselves attempting to eat the detergent pods for bragging rights. This, of course, is despite warnings from health officials and Tide.

Time magazine wrote Jan. 16, “Thirty-nine reports of teenagers intentionally misusing laundry pods came in during the first 15 days of 2018 alone, according to data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers. For context, there were 39 cases of intentional misuse of these pods among teenagers in all of 2016, and 53 in 2017….” Clearly, people are not heeding the warnings.

CBC reported, “if ingested, the liquid inside the pods can cause diarrhea, coughing spells and vomiting. Children who aspirate it into their lungs can suffer from long-term breathing difficulties.” Sounds super fun, right?

While we know teens tend to dismiss concerns when it comes to social media bragging rights, we can only hope Airdrie’s kids are smarter than that. Because you know what’s super uncool? Dying over an imbecilic challenge. If you don’t die, you could be left with chronic health issues – isn’t that just awesome?

Do us all a favour and don’t eat this poison.


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