Volunteers deserve recognition


People who volunteer their time don’t always get recognized. But they should, because without volunteers, things wouldn’t get done.

Whether they’re flipping burgers at charity events or behind the scenes doing the organizing, volunteers make things happen.

The provincial government is giving Albertans the chance to recognize those people in our communities who give so much and expect nothing in return.

For the 17th year, nominations are being sought for the Stars of Alberta Volunteer Awards.

The awards honour six individuals each year – two under the age of 24, two between the ages of 25 and 64, and two over the age of 65.

According to Marion Nadar, press secretary for the ministry of Culture and Tourism, the awards are given to individuals who demonstrate leadership and creativity in volunteering. The award recipient is someone who has served as a role model in their community.

We know there are many people that fit that description in Airdrie who deserve to be recognized.

Nominations are now open and will be accepted until Sept. 15. To nominate an individual, visit culture.alberta.ca/stars


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