What do you believe are the most important attributes a leader must possess?


Blaine Astra

I have always believed the candidates need to possess the ability to show themselves, naturally and without effort. They need to be able to look you in the eyes and remain genuine throughout the conversation. A people’s person, with the natural ability to perform the tasks of their office.

A person who never scorns and can create solutions from an often negative environment. Never a knee jerker, but needs to be a consistent thinker. A team player. A true love for people and a salesman all combined.

Vision, clear communicator, plan for the future, be a strong leader. Work as a team, strong personality, be able to get to the root of the issue or problem quickly and without bias. Listen to all sides; call a spade a spade.

Simple answer would be honesty; to always state what you believe to be the truth and the integrity to follow through on what you say. Treat everyone equally; celebrate our differences, and bottom line – be nice. Embrace the willingness to try new things and encourage others to think outside the box.

Have the ability to listen, hear all concerns and learn from other viewpoints. Add in humility to admit mistakes and grow from them, persistence to keep moving forward and follow through on goals and possess an unbridled enthusiasm and commitment for the role and the community.

A good leader is someone who is accountable, a strong communicator and demonstrates integrity/honesty in all they do. In addition, they work to challenge the status quo, empower others to ask questions and look for new ways to do things and take into account a variety of perspectives.

When I became mayor, I said I wanted to re-establish a connection with people, be out in the community and be willing to work hard and support community-driven initiatives that make the city better. And that’s what I’ve tried to do every day as mayor – to maintain the trust of the community.

Leaders must have vision; they must be strategic and forward thinking at all times. Leaders must have conviction; they must be confident, sincere, decisive and honest. Leaders must have strong interpersonal skills – to bring different groups together and bridge their differences.

These three attributes allow leaders to bring out the best in people; to dream, to create, to collaborate, to build. When people are inspired, all things are possible.


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