What do your habits say about you?


I’m not sure what it is about November and December but for myself especially, this truly is the busiest time of year. Between the semester wrapping up, Christmas approaching and the new year lingering, things get a little crazy.

In one of my general education courses last week, we were told we had to unplug for 48 hours. The course is called Women and Pop Culture so we were meant to observe how being “unplugged” led to some in-depth self-realization (there might be a little sarcasm in that sentence).

Going into the experience I was a little cynical, I mean come on, I’m a journalist. I can’t do my job without my phone, literally. So in typical journalist fashion, I changed the rules to suit myself and just avoided social media and texting my friends – but this actually did lead to some self-realization.

In class we’re taught that our habits are actually a manifestation of our subconscious fears and so for someone who is constantly on their phone what does that mean?

I’m not about to dish out my deepest and darkest fears but what do our general habits say about us? I once read a quote that said accomplishments don’t change your life, habits do.

I think when you make small changes in your life, one by one they actually can change your whole life. For example, waking up early. I’ve always claimed to be a morning person – 5 a.m. lifeguarding shifts at the neighbourhood pool guaranteed that. But it wasn’t until I started setting an alarm on my days off from the pool that I started to enjoy waking up before the sun. Now, the morning is the most productive time of day for me.

So again, I invite you to be mindful and pay attention to your habits – what are they saying about you?


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