What really happened in the election?


Though I would not have supported Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton (I preferred independent Gary Johnson), election night was a wild ride just the same. Watching a larger-than-life billionaire playboy from New York City win the presidency by persuading millions of mid-western blue-collar workers he was their champion was a feat even Houdini at his best could not have conjured.

The reaction was predictable – the media (international and domestic) and left-wing establishment lost its collective hive mind. Their on-air meltdowns looked and sounded like millions of outraged toddlers having their lollipops taken away at the same moment.

So what really happened?

Myth number one – Trump’s win proves America is a racist nation.

Are we really to believe the primarily white voters of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ohio – who overwhelmingly supported President Obama twice – somehow became collectively racist and decided to vent that racism by voting against a white woman running for president?

Furthermore, Trump outperformed previous Republican hopeful Mitt Romney (the latter never accused of racism) soundly among African Americans, Hispanics and Asians. In Florida (the other election night surprise that was essential for Trump’s victory) he won 30 per cent of Hispanic votes.

In other words, Florida Hispanics handed Trump the presidency.

Could it be when Trump clumsily spoke of wanting to deport illegal immigrants who were committing crimes, many Hispanics knew he was referring to those illegal immigrants that actually committed crimes such as rape and murder, and was not referring to the vast majority of Hispanic immigrants who are obviously good and law abiding citizens? Seems so.

Myth number two – Trump won despite the media helping Hillary.

False. A large part of the Trump win came because of the media.

I know first-hand how effective the media can be at character assassination over the short term. Given a few days and a sliver of material to work with, they can convince the majority of the public that Mother Theresa is a serial killer.

And if this was a one month campaign, Trump wouldn’t have stood a chance. But for two entire years, the media relentlessly attacked Trump in every possible way imaginable. Some was true, some was exaggerated and out-of-context and some ranged from false to crazy.

The fact is that after about 18 months of constant attacks, no one in America – other than the most partisan – believed anything the media said about Trump or Clinton, including some accurate bad things about Trump and some legitimate positive things about Clinton. Like the Never Cry Wolf fairy tale, the media became effectively ineffective and turned Trump into the Teflon Don.

Myth number three – millions of disaffected Americans will now flee to Canada.

Look, I love Americans. I’m married to one. Millions of them are just downright awesome. But many are not that awesome at all. And if you think Canadians want a bunch of hyperventilating, sobbing, socialist, left-wing leftovers flooding our streets, think again.

Unless you are coming because you want to actually be Canadian and contribute positively to our country…sorry, please just stay home, eh.

rob anderson,

Former Airdrie MLA


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