Wine wars


As Winefest is set to take place in Calgary Feb. 23 and 24, the question of allowing B.C. wines at the event was put out to ticket holders. According to an email from Winefest, an overwhelming 76 per cent of respondents said they are interested in sampling B.C. wines at the event.

The question, of course, came about because Alberta banned B.C. wines earlier in the month, in response to B.C.’s move to delay the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline.

While the move by Premier Rachel Notley does seem like a clear way to indicate Alberta is not taking B.C.’s move lightly, and it has likely garnered Notley some supporters, we have to question why the premier is not more aggressively going after Ottawa, as well.

For its part, our federal government has said all the right things about the pipeline, ensuring it will be built. However, words are all we’ve gotten from our Prime Minister, who seems far more preoccupied with gaining world favour and celebrity status than he is with upholding the constitution.

Last week, Conservatives accused him of “waiting for the clock to run out” on the approval, thus allowing the project to die without looking like the bad guy. At this point, they do seem to have raised a valid concern.

It’s not as if B.C. impeding on a federally-approved project, deemed to be in the best interest of our country, could have an immediate and lasting impact…oh, wait, that’s exactly what we’re up against. Yet, the feds are taking a wait-and-see approach.

It seems like it’s time Notley looked beyond wine wars and took the fight to the feds.


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