Won’t toe the party line


Re: “Council to grapple with code of conduct” Airdrie City View, Jan. 12, 2017, Page 1.

Thank you so much for the wonderful article on the virtues of standing up for our citizens in spite of the ridiculous assertion that because a majority of council have rubber stamped an initiative, we should all stand down from our beliefs and support it.

The entire story on grappling with the code of conduct was squarely directed at myself. Interestingly the two instances referenced seem to have been cherry picked out of almost seven years of service to the citizens of Airdrie. No explanation of any unbecoming conduct?

You neglected to mention that I also knocked on doors in High River and Okotoks to gather signatures to force Danielle Smith to step down. The Okotoks Western Wheel did that without implying that I somehow have “misconducted” myself.

Your reporter has referenced “perceived insults” regarding the Land Use Bylaw and curbside recycling program, but neglected to point out the alleged “perceived insults.”

I clearly asked the question, “What businesses we would use tax dollars to compete against next?”

I asked if it would be wall beds, RVs or Farmers Markets?

Although there was a temper tantrum and snide comments to myself, the question remains unanswered.

If feelings were hurt in asking my colleagues a fair and reasonable question, not one phone call, e-mail or conversation has taken place since that time from the individuals, two of which were quoted in this story.

And yet neither of the three sensitive folk who were so upset has answered my question to me or in public.

Has it become apparent that the philosophy of wiping out local businesses large or small using their tax dollars to do so is OK with not only your reporter, but some of my colleagues?

I was elected to serve the citizens of Airdrie, not the corporation, not the Airdrie City View nor the best interests of some businesses against others.

As to the “Our View” column that implies there is more that just the reporters opinion involved, those who want to force me to choose between council solidarity or standing up for the citizens best interests?

Guess what?

Boots ‘n’ buckles is all you will get from me till my last day in office.

And being pushed to toe the party line will never, ever trump my duty to stand and speak for the citizens that elected me.

What say you Airdrie?

Should I continue to conduct myself in a respectful manner as I have done or join in the status quo?

Allan Hunter


City of Airdire


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