Armchair critics


RE: “Intent was not to offend but stands by words,” letter, Nov. 23.

Dear Editor,

It seems a few “armchair critics” have seen fit to criticize. I’m absolutely amazed anyone would question or go against the experiences our soldiers have put up with during their service around the world. I wouldn’t so much call his speech “inappropriately timed” as I would a warning from someone who’s been there and seen the results of this kind of politics (that’s how politics comes into this equation). I’d also be a bit harsher and state that until you’ve laced up those “boots on the ground” keep your mouth shut, your hand over your heart and just be thankful there are Canadians willing to “go to the mat” for the rest of us. Mr. Price your response deserves a hearty amen.

Bobbie Norman

The Village


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