Prioritize yourself


The end of August back-to-school rush is a busy time for all of us – even if you don’t have to worry about transitioning kids to a new routine (for tips, see our story here). It can be a challenge, especially when life gets hectic, to focus on our ourselves and make sure our needs are being met.

While it may seem selfish, tuning in to how you’re doing (and spending some time on self-care) can actually make you more energetic, productive and present in your daily life. Still, for many people, the phrase “self-care” conjures up images of facials, spa retreats or bubble baths – traditionally “feminine” kinds of things. And although it is certainly important for busy women to take time out for themselves (see our story here), it’s equally valuable for men.

Self-care looks different for everyone. Some people need an empty room and 15 minutes of silent meditation, while others might prefer to spend an hour sweating out their stress on the treadmill. Get to know your body’s signs of burnout and figure out what type of self-care works for you – physically, mentally and emotionally. And then, put it into action in a consistent, sustainable way.

Not only will you feel happier and healthier, but you’ll feel more confident tackling life’s everyday challenges. Self-care helps you be a better version of you – a better parent, a better spouse, a better employee and a better friend.

Unfortunately, it’s often the people who need self-care the most who don’t (or can’t) make time for it. But do yourself – and the people who love you – a favour: prioritize your own well-being. No one else can do it for you.


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