Windsong resident asks City council for help


A resident of Windsong, Dominic Afonso, has requested Airdrie City council intervene in a dispute he and his neighbours are having with Melcor Developments.

According to Afonso, who spoke at council’s Sept. 4 meeting, residents of Windcreek Terrace S.W. have faced ongoing excess noise and dust from construction at the neighbouring Cobblestone Creek development.

“Since the beginning of June, well into August, residents of that street have had to sleep with their windows closed due to the dust and the health hazards that we have,” he said. “On June 13, 2016, there was an open house…and [residents]were assured their needs would be taken into account as per Melcor’s values.”

Despite meetings with representatives from Melcor, Afonso said, no agreement has been reached.

Mayor Peter Brown said he had been at some of those meetings and confirmed Melcor had committed to contacting residents of Windcreek Terrace if construction in Cobblestone Creek began early in the morning or ran late at night.

“They were trying to appease some of the challenges,” he said. “We came to some agreements on certain things.”

Alfonso asked council to hold a second open house to allow residents to review plans for Cobblestone Creek, including changes to the original Area Structure Plan he said were made after the open house in June 2016.

“I’m not in a position, looking at your requests, to grant any of them,” Brown said. “What I would like to do is to have council make a motion to direct staff to investigate your requests and come back with an answer.”
A motion to that effect was carried unanimously.

Metropolitan Board

Work is underway by the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) on an interim regional growth plan and a Regional Evaluation Framework (REF), according to Chris Sheard, interim board chair.

“The work of the CMRB is important and will make a significant difference to the City of Airdrie, going forward,” he said.

The CMRB was formed in response to Section 708 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), which came into effect Jan. 1, he added.

“That section requires Calgary and Edmonton regions to create growth plans and servicing plans,” he said. “In the Calgary region, this is brand new. The work of the CRMB is to assist the municipalities to comply with that legislation.”

The interim growth plan builds on work initially begun by the City of Airdrie, according to Sheard. Once approved, the REF will require municipalities be in compliance with existing regional plans for any statutory plans with regional implications, he said.

“There will be another layer of approval required beyond you,” he said. “There’s a mechanism set out in the legislation for checking whether your regional plans are in compliance, called the REF.”

Plans of this type will require CMRB approval before third reading at the municipal level.

According to Sheard, the interim growth plan is nearly complete.

“We’re very close to that going to the full board, which is next meeting on Sept. 21,” he said. “It needs to go to the Minister [of Municipal Affairs]for approval, and once the minister has approved it, then the mechanism of the REF will start impacting your daily council lives as you approve statutory plans.”

The final CMRB regional growth plan must be complete by 2020.


Council was asked to make two proclamations; one for Big Brothers Big Sisters and the other for the Creative Airdrie Society (CAS).

Big Brothers Big Sisters asked council to proclaim Sept. 18 Big Brothers Big Sisters Day in Airdrie, to recognize and support the role mentoring plays in helping children and youth realize their potential.

CAS asked that Sept. 8 to 30 be proclaimed ARTember in Airdrie. Council was also asked to illuminate City Hall in purple Sept. 29 to showcase Alberta Culture Days, a province-wide celebration of culture, and to highlight the importance of the arts in Airdrie.

Both requests were approved unanimously.


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