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Advantages of Following the Recommended Maintenance Schedule

One of the most typical investments that people will make in their lives is their vehicle. Socializing usually requires that we get from point A to B somehow, and employers tend to not like it if you can't get to work on time. Protecting your investment with simple maintenance can have a lot of benefits for you and your wallet.
2-2 When To Call Advantages of Following the Maintenance Schedule
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Don't Spend Money You Don't Have To

The easiest way to quantify maintenance benefits is at your bottom line. So, here's the bottom line: small bills now will prevent huge bills later!

Simple maintenance like regular oil changes and fluid top-ups can help keep all the moving parts of your vehicle running easier and longer. Investing in your vehicle's health like this can help keep your life free from major breakdowns and major repair costs. For example, do you suppose it would be cheaper to service a few parts of the engine that are wearing out, or replacing the entire engine system? Oil changes and transmission maintenance are extremely important to keeping your vehicle functioning as it should – and keeping your engine running.

A Reliability, Not a Liability

Whether you're making an appointment to get a haircut, headed to work, or meeting a friend for lunch, you generally need to plan what time you will arrive. Proper maintenance of your vehicle can help keep you on time to appointments and obligations.

Literally Go the Extra Mile

Not only does simple maintenance save you from huge costs, it can literally extend the life of your car. Keeping your car clean can keep rust and buildup off the undercarriage. Changing the oil can keep your engine properly lubricated and staying on top of the coolant can save your vehicle from heat stress. Even just rotating your tires regularly can keep you burning rubber longer. A better-maintained engine is more fuel efficient.

Stay Safe

Depending on where you are, break downs can range from inconvenient to deadly. Safeguard your family by making sure that your car is always in good repair.

No Surprises

When you plan your day, you likely aren't factoring in one to five hours of fighting with your vehicle! If you don't keep up with your car's maintenance, your car will eventually remind you and not in a pleasant way. It's much simpler to keep your vehicle running well with some routine scheduled maintenance than it is to end up stranded on a freeway somewhere with transport that suddenly quit transporting you!

While it's easy to just write off a car's manufacturer's recommendations as them trying to make more money, but that is not true in the least. They made the car. They know how to keep it on the road. The manual explains how to save you time, money, and hassle so you don’t get saddled with huge repair bills that could have been avoided.

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