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Top 5 Remote Vehicle Starters

Life in Airdrie offers the beauty of four seasons where within no time we can drive to the mountains, the lake, the city and everywhere in between. It’s a blessing, until it comes to getting in our vehicle whether it’s 30 above or below.
2-4 Aftermarket Remote Starters
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This is why for many, the remote vehicle starter has become more than a luxury, it’s a necessity. The trick is, finding the right system for your specific needs. When it comes to after-market remote vehicle starters, the options are many. Here, a few to consider.

Temp Control: The Viper 5706V

Let’s face it, here in southern Alberta, temperature control is an essential year-round. The Viper 5706V comes up time and again as an industry favourite for this feature. This 2-way, 5 button, 1-mile range starter’s LCD screen on the key fob indicates the exact temperature inside your vehicle so you know when it’s ready to get in. The screen also confirms the start-up signal reached the car and alerts you if the system’s security and sound alarms are triggered. 

Safe and Sound: The Crimestopper Cool Start Two-Way Remote Start System (RS7-G5)

In these tough economic times, crime rates are up. When it comes to security built into the remote starter, Crimestopper’s RS7-G5 has you covered. The 2-way LCD remote start system offers keyless entry and trunk release. From up to 3,000 feet away, start, stop, lock, unlock, open sliding doors or the trunk at the press of a button. Eliminating second guessing, the LCD screen indicates the locked/unlocked status. Compatible for gas, diesel, or hybrid engines, this remote starter is peace of mind for all vehicle owners.

Keep it Simple: The Compustar CS4900

When your service fees to install your remote starter cost more than the actual system itself, it’s frustrating. The Compustar CS4900’s 2-way system is designed for its ease of install for the DIYer who likes to keep things simple. While the remote doesn’t have an LCD screen, the fob is lightweight, less likely to be damaged, and uses an audible beep to indicate the lock, unlock, trunk release or start button are pressed. If you’re out of range, its light-up icon lets you know.

Easy on the Budget: The Audiovox Prestige APS57Z

When you want reliance in your remote starter that’s super affordable, trust the Audiovox Prestige. The 1-way, 3 button, and 1,500 ft. range system is simple but effective, allowing you to set the car to run for a set time from 5 minutes to 1 hour. In fact, its simplicity is a great fit for those less tech-savvy who simply want the system to what it’s supposed to – start the car, lock and unlock the doors.

Designed for the Diesel: The Compustar CS8900-AS-BL

As diesel drivers know, a little extra care to their engine starts goes a long way. Failure to do so, can be expensive so it’s a good idea to invest in a system designed specifically for the diesel engine. Compustar’s CS8900-AS-BL’s 2-way, 1-mile range system also offers security alerts and an alarm siren through its LCD remote with visual and audio confirmation capabilities. If you’re a diesel owner, you can rest assured this system is safe for your engine, and has you covered for your start-up, locking and unlocking, and deterring thieves.

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