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Local author releases new book of life lessons

Local author and blogger Tandy Balson recently released her fourth book, "Another Perspective." Photo Submitted/For Rocky View Publishing

Local author and speaker Tandy Balson has released a new book, Another Perspective, about her personal experiences and life lessons – including jumping out of a plane with her daughter and taking up both kayaking and ballroom dancing with her husband.

The book is a collection of short stories, in which Balson guides readers through observations from her life experiences and the lessons she learned by embracing positivity and developing the ability to take a closer look at the small things. 

Though the cover art depicts her skydiving adventure, she said the book mostly focuses on smaller experiences that made her see different perspectives.

“My husband and I decided to try kayaking,” Balson said. “And I have a little bit of a fear of the water, and was afraid that I would have trouble getting in and out of the kayak. I didn't want it to tip, because I would look foolish if I fell off. I was hesitant.”

She describes the situation as having one foot on land and the other in the kayak, before falling in the water – exactly what she didn’t want to do. However, the experience taught her a valuable lesson.

“The first step can be the most difficult in almost anything new,” she said. “Instead of hesitating and making it worse, [we] need to just do it.”

Balson had been writing for several years as a blogger before publishing her first book in 2014. Another Perspective is her fourth book, but this time she believes the stories offer something a little more accessible.

“I had someone ask me if I would consider doing something a little differently and, instead of the devotional style, use it more with the perspective of finding value in everything,” Balson said.

The author has lived in Airdrie for more than 14 years and launched Another Perspective at the Airdrie Public Library April 10. She said she wrote the book aiming to help other people find hope and purpose, as she has.

“I never want to make light of anyone's struggle because we all go through them for sure. But, sometimes, if we can look at it from another perspective, that can help us get through to the other side,” Balson said.

Another Perspective, is available now for order on Amazon or through Balson’s website,


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