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Sibling valedictorians for Bert Church High School share inspiration

Bert Church High School named twin brothers Gobind and Gaurav Singh this year’s valedictorians, and they shared their inspirational speech on May 24.
Bert Church High School 2024 sibling valedictorians (Left to right) Gobind and Gaurav Singh.

Bert Church High School named twin brothers Gobind and Gaurav Singh this year’s valedictorians. 

The graduation ceremony took place on May 24, and Gaurav expressed how nervously excited he was to take on the role of co-valedictorian. The brothers agreed that they feel extremely honoured to have been chosen together. 

Gobind said they spoke about the importance of nurturing meaningful relationships and extending their responsibilities to their community in their graduation speech. Gaurav added that he and his brother wanted to inspire with their speech. 

“While we do pursue our individual academic path, I wanted to give the message to and inspire people to contribute positively to our environment and community, sharing in both everyone's choice and sorrows,” said Gaurav. 

The brothers obtained perfect scores of 100 per cent on their Math 30-1 and Chemistry 30 diplomas in January, and they explained that it took a lot of effort and late night studying to reach a perfect score. And it was also immensely rewarding, the brothers confessed. 

Gaurav and Gobind are also involved in the community where they organize events and workshops for the Youth Airdrie Mentorship Program. Working together in all settings further strengthened their support for each other, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping there, according to the brothers. 

Come September, Gaurav and Gobind will be attending the University of Calgary to study biochemistry in pursuit of their goal to become pharmacists in Airdrie. Gobind advises everyone to chase their passions and fulfill their dreams. 

“I believe resilience and a growth mindset are invaluable, and I would tell people to pursue their passions and surround themselves with positivity and strive for excellence,” said Gobind.

The brothers added that Mr. Smith’s English 30 class stood out as an impactful class for them, and the passion that Mr. Smith brought to the classroom each day has played a crucial role in shaping their dedication and commitment to excellence.


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