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'May the Force be with you' – new Langdon club offers a chance for Star Wars lovers to 'nerd out'

"There’s definitely a big nerdy community here in Langdon, so we’ll see how it goes.”
Calan Lovstrom is the owner of Langdon's tattoo parlour, which will soon be a hub for the hamlet's biggest Star Wars fans.

Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts in Langdon and southeast Rocky View County now have a new local club where they can 'nerd-out' to their heart's content. 

Langdon business owner and Rocky View County resident Calan Lovstrom recently launched the Kyber Club, which he hopes will become a space for the hamlet's pop culture enthusiasts.

As the owner of Lucky Lark Tattoo – Langdon's first tattoo parlour – Lovstrom said he's quickly noticed since setting up shop a few months ago that many of his clientele share his passion for all things Star Wars. That observation inspired him to start the Kyber Club. 

Lovstrom said many people of his generation are passionate about pop culture, and that his new club will celebrate that fandom.

“I think a lot of the millennial generation is just super nerdy,” he said. “We’re super into pop culture, cartoons, and comics. As we’ve grown up, I think we’ve really retained our inner child as a generation. Generally, anyone in their 30s or late 20s is pretty into nerdy stuff, or they collect things.

“And there’s definitely a big nerdy community here in Langdon, so we’ll see how it goes.”

According to the Rocky View County resident, the club will be focused on Star Wars, hosting events like viewing parties for episodes of The Mandalorian TV show, as well as any new Star Wars movies or content that comes out.

Star Wars is even reflected in the club's name, Lovstrom noted, as Kyber is the crystals that Jedi and Sith have in their light sabres.

“There’s a lot of lore [in Star Wars], which is why I think people get into it so much,” he said.

Apart from viewing parties, he said he wants to put on fencing clinics in Langdon Park using toy light sabres, and host a weekly Star Wars-themed Dungeons and Dragons night.

“There is already a Dungeons and Dragons club here in town already, so we wanted to not do the exact same thing,” he said.

Events and viewing parties will most likely be hosted at Lucky Lark Tattoo or at Langdon Park. The club's online presence will be their Facebook page at

Though the club will mostly be about informal gatherings, Lovstrom said if he has to rent a space for an event, there might be a need to sign up ahead of time or pay a small fee in order to break even. But club membership in general is free.

“I know our dungeon master does charge by the hour, so there might be a $5 fee for a certain event, that kind of thing, but there will be no fee to join,” he said.

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