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Calgary and Airdrie mayors plead with residents to reduce water consumption

Calgary mayor Jyoti Gondek was joined by Airdrie mayor Peter Brown this morning for a press conference where they pleaded with residents in both cities to do more to conserve water.
On Friday morning, June 14, Calgary mayor Jyoti Gondek 9centre) was joined by Airdrie mayor Peter Brown (right) and City of Calgary CAO David Duckworth (left) to provide an update on the ongoing water crisis.

Calgary mayor Jyoti Gondek was joined by Airdrie mayor Peter Brown this morning for a press conference where they pleaded with residents in both cities to do more to conserve water. 

Gondek said that the City of Calgary is currently at its sustainable threshold and that yesterday, 480 million litres of water was used. 

“I’m standing here with one message…we must do better,” said Gondek. “We simply must do more…you and I cannot give up on our conservation efforts right now…we need to use less water, plain and simple.” 

Calgary’s mayor said that if more is not done to conserve water then there may be discussions of indoor water restrictions. Gondek did not say what that would look like but added that she doesn’t want it to get to that stage. 

Mayor Brown took to the podium to make a similar desperate ask of Airdronians. “In Airdrie we’re falling back a bit,” he said. “I want to remind everyone to [be vigilant] and to continue to conserve water…it’s a small adjustment on how we do things.”

“It’s a very simple ask,” Brown said as he stared into the livestreams camera. “Reduce your water usage.” 

Gondek said she has been collecting tips to conserve water from people on social media, who have come up with creative ways to rescue unnecessary water consumption, like catching water runoff in the shower with a bucket or preparing less water intensive meals. 

Gondek also addressed concerns over City golf courses and other City run outdoor operations that have been seen using water. Calgary’s mayor said that the water used on City golf courses and by City crews is non-potable water that is not part of the reserve of drinking water. 

According to Gondek, City officials have also contacted the top commercial water users in the City and advised them to reduce their water usage. Brown added that the City of Airdrie has also been in contact with the top five Airdrie commercial water users.

About the concern of car washes being allowed to still operate, Gondek said that indoor car washes are still open because they recycle the “vast majority” of the water they use, about “85 per cent.” 

“Going to the car wash is one thing,” said Gondek. “But going to the car wash is something you can control.” 

Both mayors remarked that a fix to the water main and a resolution of the water restrictions will not come tomorrow or the day after.

Mayor Brown said that people in Airdrie need to be doing more to conserve water so the taps don’t run dry. “Remember,” he said. “This fix is not happening tomorrow.”    


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