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Government protecting quality of life for injured veterans

It was an honour to rise in the House of Commons recently to inform Canadians of a new initiative by our government to help our veterans.

It was an honour to rise in the House of Commons recently to inform Canadians of a new initiative by our government to help our veterans. It is called The Legacy of Care, and it is an excellent new plan to help improve the quality of life for our brave members of the Canadian Forces (CF).

As I said in the House, our government believes that every ill and injured soldier and veteran is a true Canadian hero, whose service to the nation has made all of us safer and more secure. Our veterans and their families deserve our support to help deal with the unique challenges that they sometimes face as a result of their service and the Legacy of Care is designed to provide that to them.

The $2-billion initiative will provide enhanced allowances to those who have been seriously injured, to further increase the assistance we already offer to CF personnel and their families. These new initiatives contribute in a tangible and lasting way to supporting CF members’ eventual reintegration into military or civilian life with their families. We will be providing barrier-free transitional housing for those CF members who are in rehabilitation. During that time, we will also assist by providing support for day-to-day living challenges like transportation to medical appointments, child care and respite care. The Legacy of Care also includes increased financial support for seriously injured veterans, enhanced monthly income for severely injured veterans who are unable to return to work, and a boost to the minimum annual income for veterans released at lower salary levels, among other measures.

I have tremendous respect and appreciation for the work our Forces do and ensuring that our veterans are taken care of is vitally important to me. Our men and women in the Forces are putting their lives on the line for our country, and in return we have a duty to look after those who suffered harm or impairment while they were looking after Canadians..

Airdrie City View Staff

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