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The key to happiness is changing your perspective

Have you ever heard the story of a man, who decided to join the orchestra of the emperor of China many years ago? He couldn’t play a note and so every time the orchestra went to play, he would just hold his flute to his lips and pretend to play.

For this photographer, it's the most wonderful time of the year

Covy Christmas. Definition; a term created by Covy Moore in relation to those summer months in which many outdoor sports and fun activities are held. See Cowboy Christmas.

Let's recreate the Garden of Eden, or maybe not

Every year about this time, the Mrs. will endeavor to lay a guilt trip on me with respect to assisting her in her efforts to recreate the Garden of Eden. “The experts say that gardening is good stress relief,” she’ll commence.

Being a mother has been the hardest thing I have ever done, but it's worth it

Last year in a flurry of late nights, my daughter and I both read the Hunger Games Trilogy, a set of three books that describes a 16-year-old teenager’s experience in a post-apocalyptic world.

Money talks: Young adults have it harder than you might think

Being a young adult in the 21st century is a bit of a terrifying prospect. Whenever I tell someone over the age of 50 this, I always get the same reply.

Advice on how to keep your relationship fresh after 12 years

Looks like summer is finally on its way! Everyone naturally feels better with the sun out and the birds chirping. Be sure that you continue to address the areas in your life that may need some change, and don’t just shelf it until the winter.

Should Jesus be reduced to a logo?

A Nova Scotia teenager generated no small controversy a couple of weeks ago when he showed up at his high school wearing a T-shirt that boldly declared: “Life is wasted without Jesus.

Don't doubt it, God thinks you are significant

I recently read the quote of a paragraph out of the children’s book, Tallest of the Smalls. See if this sounds familiar to you... “Perhaps you don’t know about Stiltsville, the village, so strange but so true...

New reporter excited to be on board for the summer months

My name is Ashton Faulkner and I am the newest member of the team at the Rocky View Weekly.
Airdrie royalty has been busy

Airdrie royalty has been busy

I can’t believe it is already May. This year has gone by very quickly. It has been filled with opportunity and excitement. Gillian Shields, Miss Rodeo Airdrie, and I have been busy volunteering around the Airdrie area.
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