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Emotional response

It’s clear from our latest poll results that Rocky View County (RVC) residents are worried about how the seemingly volatile situation within council is affecting municipal operations. And based on how the majority of councillors responded to a simple request from Coun. Crystal Kissel Sept. 10, it doesn’t seem like things are improving.

Kissel’s motion seemed justified – while already embroiled in a legal battle over previous Code of Conduct complaints, she attempted to postpone an in-camera discussion relating to further allegations until her lawyer could be present.

A councillor is entitled to legal representation (at the councillor’s individual expense), according to the Code of Conduct bylaw, and denying her this right would be yet another violation of the frequently-referenced document on council’s part. Still, the majority voted to refuse her request and proceed with the confidential session.

The decision seemed somewhat antagonistic – according to Boehlke, upon further “reflection,” council came to the conclusion that Kissel’s request was, in fact, entirely reasonable, and a motion nearly identical to Kissel’s own was passed unanimously immediately afterward. And this isn’t the first time the sitting council has made aggressive decisions without appearing to consider the ramifications, either – at the expense of County taxpayers, who end up footing the bill as council wastes valuable time bickering when it could be focusing on governance.

It’s time to leave the hurt feelings on the playground and start acting like grown-ups.


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