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Irricana residents raise concern over timing of weed control

Irricana CAO Doug Hafichuk said green spaces are entirely safe for public use shortly after the application of the used product. 
Previous soccer festival in Irricana.

Half a dozen Irricana residents raised concerns about the Town of Irricana spraying recreational fields with herbicides a day before kids were scheduled to have soccer practice.

Irricana CAO Doug Hafichuk confirmed the spraying happened on May 29, and the Town had received several complaints. He stressed, however, treated green spaces are entirely safe for public use shortly after the product is applied.

“Once the herbicide dries, it poses no risk to people or pets,” he stated in an email sent to the Rocky View Weekly. “Given the ideal weather conditions during the application, the drying time was approximately 10 minutes, minimizing any inconvenience to park users.”

He added residents who reached out with concerns largely sought to confirm that green spaces were safe, or to ask some general questions about the product used.

One concerned citizen, who asked not to be named, told the Rocky View Weekly that the Town had expressed their intent to apply weed control online several weeks ago. Residents stated kids play on the field from Monday to Thursday, and that Friday would be the best option for spraying. Instead, the herbicide was applied on Wednesday, leading to concerns.

Hafichuk confirmed weed control spraying was completed on several municipal green spaces on the Wednesday morning by highly experienced, licensed contractors using Premium 3-Way XP, a top-tier herbicide that is federally regulated and meets Health Canada’s stringent safety and efficacy standards for use in public areas.

“A resident did reach out to the Alberta Environment and Protected Areas (AEPA) hotline, which is always the right thing to do if there’s an environmental concern,” Hafichuk said. “ AEPA spoke with the licensed contractor, reviewed the application records, and concluded that the work was completed properly.”

He added that the health and beauty of Irricana’s green spaces are a priority, and this weed control effort is a vital part of maintaining the aesthetic and ecological quality of the community's green spaces.  

Residents are encouraged to contact Irricana’s Town Office at 403-935-4672 or [email protected] if they have questions.

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