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Accessories That Make Winter Not So Bad

Winter driving is stressful enough. Having certain features in your car during the cold weather can make your commute more bearable.
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Winter can be a hard time for many people. It is cold and snow is unforgiving.  Driving in the winter can be stressful, especially with cold seats and a cold steering wheel. However, when it comes to driving in the winter, there are various features that can make your experience more comfortable.

Heated Seats & Steering Wheel

Having heated features makes driving in the winter more comfortable. Heated seats will keep your entire body warm while you drive. Driving with a cold steering wheel is no fun for you or your hands. A heated steering wheel will keep your hands warm, enabling you to drive safer.

Heated Windows and Mirrors

Features like heated windows and mirrors are convenient because they melt the ice and snow buildup. This means less time scraping your car. These features are usually active with remote start, so when you get in your car, it is thawed and ready to drive. Read more about heated features for your vehicle.

Good Winter Tires

It almost goes without saying that winter tires are essential for a good winter driving experience. With less risk of getting stuck or sliding around on ice, they make you safer on the road.

Remote Car Starter

Having a remote car starter is very convenient on those chilly winter mornings. Start your car from the house while you sip your coffee or get ready for work. When you get in, your seats and steering wheel will be warm and ready!

All Wheel Drive

While not a necessity in winter, AWD does make the commute easier after a large snowfall, and it offers more traction on slippery roads. It is also convenient if you go out of town for activities like snowmobiling.

Anti-Lock Brake System

Traditional brakes lock up and cause sliding in icy conditions. ABS prevents this; quickly pumped brakes won’t lock up, even on the iciest roads. Though rarely used, it can save lives when a driver needs to stop immediately.

Traction & Stability Control

Traction control monitors wheels to make sure none are slipping. However, if you get stuck you should turn it off because it will prevent wheels from moving while you try to rock back to momentum. Stability control is similar, but also monitors sideways motion and will bring the vehicle back to a straight heading. Learn more about the difference between traction and stability control.

Engine Block Heater

An engine block heater is a must have for colder climates. Plug it in and it keeps your engine warm and keeps oil thin so it doesn't coagulate and turn to sludge.

Driving in the winter isn't always fun but having heated seats, good winter tires and a remote car starter can make it bearable.  Many of these features come standard in newer vehicles. However, some can be installed aftermarket to make your winter driving experience more comfortable. Learn more about car features you should have for winter.

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