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Aftermarket Car Options for Seats – Easy and Affordable

When we think of aftermarket parts for our vehicles, we often think of performance or safety features. But there are other areas that can benefit from aftermarket upgrades such as comfort and style.
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However, there are easy, fast and affordable aftermarket parts that improve our comfort. Seat coverings and accessories are a great example. Let’s dive in and learn more.

Heating and Cooling Seat Covers

Car didn’t come with heated seats? Not a problem! Heating and/or cooling seat covers come in a variety of options. Some rely on the fabric alone, such as mesh for ventilation or moisture-wicking fabric to keep sweat at bay. Others are more complicated with fans and gels to get the job done.

Massaging Car Seat Covers

Now this is multitasking! Leave your stressful day behind and let your car seat massage your tense back all the way home! There are a variety of massaging car seat covers on the market to turn your commute from drudgery to the best part of your day. Pair with your favourite tunes or podcast and you’ll be looking forward to the drive every weekday.

Headrest Extender… and Storage!

Is your headrest uncomfortable because it hits the back of your neck? Try a headrest extender. Not only can you get a headrest that fits your needs, you can get one with a locking compartment. A headrest with a safe in it allows you to securely keep valuables in the car away from prying eyes. An expensive phone sitting on the car seat as you pay for gas is vulnerable to a smash and grab. Locking it away in your headrest, however, removes the temptation.

Safety First

Before you make any changes to your car, always keep safety in mind. Many sites sell aftermarket seat components, including Alibaba, Amazon, Canadian Tire, etc. Do a complete check on the manufacturer. Ensure the components – especially ones that draw power – are compatible with Alberta’s electrical and safety standards. If in doubt, check with your local body shop for advice and for help with the installation.

Albertans spend many hours in their cars commuting every day. Make the ride enjoyable with seat covers that warm you in the winter, cool you down in the summer, let you comfortably rest your head and store your valuable items.

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