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April is National Car Care Month: Getting Your Car Ready for Spring

Cars are more than just a means of getting from point A to point B. Our car is often our independence, our freedom and our convenience. We rely on our cars to get to work, to go the shops and to the grocery store.
3-1 Car Care Month

We need to ensure that they are reliable and trustworthy. This means that we need to maintain our cars. Now that spring is here, it is time to get our vehicles ready for spring cleanup. Here are a few basic ways to get your vehicle ready for spring.

Clean the car

This simple thing can help extend the longevity of the car. A vehicle detail is a great way to feel excited about spring coming. It is more than that; when pop spills or crumbs fall in the console and cracks and crevasses it can actually do damage and wear out the car faster. A good interior detail will rid these from the car. When you wash your car in the springtime, spend a little more and ensure that they underside is also washed. During the winter months, salt, sand and chemicals are sprayed on the roads to prevent icing and sliding. This combination can also begin to rust the exterior of your car. Most people will wash the car, but the undercarriage is also needs to be cleaned.

Spring and summer tires

Twice a year it is time to change the tires on your vehicles. The best rule to follow is the rule of seven. When it becomes colder than seven degrees it is time for winter tires. When the temperature is consistently over seven, it is time for spring and summer tires. These tires are designed to grip the road better for better gas mileage and control of the vehicle during the warmer months. When you are changing your tires, ensure that the air pressure is checked. Although air pressure should be checked every time you get gas, many of us do not. This is one time to ensure that the air pressure in the tires is at a normal level (see your manual for air pressure) because during spring there is often a large range of temperatures. This can cause a variation in tire pressure.

General inspection

Spring is a good time for an oil change, it is also a good time to ensure that all the fluids are topped up including washer fluid and coolant. Check your headlights to ensure that there are no burnt out bulbs, check your brakes to ensure that they are in working order and change the wiper blades. A visual inspection can give a lot of information about your car and to ensure that it is ready for spring.


Spring is a time of a fresh start and your car needs a new beginning. Take the time to walk around your car and ensure that it is in good running condition and that you can depend on it for your daily needs.

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