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Daily Driver: 7 tips to make the daily driving commute easier

The average commute in Canada is over an hour, so for one hour, you are stuck in a metal container surrounded by all the other drivers on the road.
5-3 Commute
If commuting is part of your daily routine, take steps to make it as enjoyable as possible.

There are seven things that you can do to use the time to your advantage, and to help prevent road rage.

1. Please your ears

The radio has been part of the car since 1930s. The modern car has so many more options like, CD players, satellite radios and blue tooth for all your streaming needs. With the smart phone you have access to millions of songs through YouTube music, Spotify and iTunes. You can find your favourite song or podcast for entertainment or even to learn something on your way to work or home. Feel free to belt out your song as loud as you want (although I close my windows when I sing). 

2. Coffee

This may be the most crucial thing, especially on the morning drive. Remember to grab your coffee mug, filled with your favourite coffee or tea. “Don’t drink and drive” applies to non-alcoholic beverages too. Sip at stops or look forward to your drink once at work.

3. Make sure you go before you go

Make sure that you take the time to use the restroom before you leave home or work. Having to hold your bladder while singing along to The Tragically Hip, can be extremely uncomfortable.

4. Pack a snack

When driving and your stomach begins to growl, grab a snack. By the time you hit the road home, lunch was hours away. Be sure that the snack is healthy and not just a quick sugar rush that comes with a sugar crash.

5. Know your car

Taking care of your car can help with the drive; when you are not worrying if your car will make it home you can spend more time listening to your podcast.

  • Make sure you have gas (don’t let it go under a quarter of a tank)
  • Check the pressure on your tires
  • Check the AC and coolant

6. Travel with others

There are benefits of carpooling. Some are obvious such as sharing expenses like gas and even having someone to talk to. But there are other benefits, such as someone to search your music and the benefit of sharing the driving.

7. Leave early

This simple tip can save a lot of stress. When possible change your work schedule to arrive and leave 15 minutes early. This can save a lot more time as you may miss the rush hour traffic. There is less worry about getting to work late from an accident or missing a family function because you were stuck in traffic.

The commute to and from work does not have to be a soul sucking moment of feeling trapped in time. Following these seven steps will help make the commute bearable and even more enjoyable.

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